2015 Conference

Our LIVE STREAM was a success, but is now closed, since obviously the event is over. Our videographer is busily editing and uploading all the sessions, and setting access codes. All attendees and streamers will have access to these recordings at no additional charge. There will be a small charge for those wishing to view for the first time – both as a full “package” or as individual sessions.

(Note: We have had to make this switch to paid views in order to cover the cost of producing and hosting the videos on a special server… this is not intended to be a revenue stream. If we get enough demand, we will lower the price in the future.)

Our seventh annual conference was held in Dallas Texas, June 25-27.  Seasoned advocates and professionals are aware of the enormous obstacles we face as we seek more rational sentencing for those convicted of sexual related offenses and restoration of constitutional rights after they have paid their debt to society. We gathered once again to network and share all the latest developments and ideas in this most-unpopular of causes.