RSOL National Conference 2016

Ending the Fear, Restoring the Constitution

It is time to end the fear!

What fear? OURS! Too many Registered Citizens and their families sit in silent fear hoping things will get better. Others feel that there is no hope left. We must unite and find our voices.

And Others’ Fear! So many sexual offense laws are based on fears that have no basis in fact. United, we can begin to change those perceptions and change hearts and minds.

It is time to restore the Constitution!

America has allowed its fears to trample the Constitution. We must learn all we can about this all-important document, because it is through our Constitution that we ultimately will strike down or scale back the dehumanizing, over-reaching, ineffective laws that presently bind us.

Come join us at our 2016 Conference, Ending the Fear, Restoring the Constitution as we look for ways to step out of our fears and into a better tomorrow.

The conference is being held in Atlanta Georgia this year. Click HERE for more info on the venue, and HERE to register for the conference. Browse our other pages for volunteer opportunities and other important details.